Martin Luther King once said, "There are no gradations of the image of God." He's right!  No human being, in God's sight, is better than another.  We were all created in God's image.  There are no gradations of talents, strength, intelligence and beauty in God's view.  Every person has a bestowed worth in God's sight.

Every girl is a princess.  Every guy is a prince.  Every human being on the face of the earth is the child of a King.  Every person has inherent worth.  No one should ever be demeaned because of their ethnicity, color or beliefs.  All are created equal in God's sight and image!

We are all tempted to become "tribal," therefore looking at others as "outsiders" and not as valuable as we are.  It's inherent within us all.  We must fight this view with all our hearts.  We must see others as God sees them.  Then and only then can hatred begin to abate in our hearts and peace come to our world.

See others as God sees them.  Then and only then will hatred shrink and love increase. It's the only hope I can see for our world today.