Today's verse is John 5:45: "Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father.  There is one who accuses you: Moses on whom you have set your hope." My child, my purpose is not to bring your sins before my Father.  I did not come to accuse or condemn the world.  I came to save the world.  Whenever you hear a voice of accusation or condemnation inside your head, it is not me.  It is indeed the voice of the accuser, who desires above all else to paralyze you with guilt.

Yet you are accused of your great sinfulness before my Father.  What condemns you?  The Law of Moses.  The Jews had set their hope for eternal life on obeying the Law of Moses.  But my Father in heaven is holy and perfect in every possible way.  Human sinfulness is a holy offense to my Father.  It's not that he wants to reject humans he so carefully and wondrously created.  He must reject humans he so carefully and wondrously created.  Sin is a holy offense to a holy God.  It's like when an unhealthy germ enters a healthy human body.  It's natural, created response is to reject that which is unhealthy.  Who is holy enough to enter his presence?  No one.  All have sinned and fall short of God's glory.

The Law of Moses proves it.  Have you ever loved anything more than God?  Have you ever dishonored your parents?  Not kept the Sabbath?  Lied?  Stolen?  Coveted?  Murdered someone or committed adultery?  Remember on these last two I said if you've ever even looked upon a woman lustfully you've committed adultery.  If you've ever been angry with someone you've begun the act of murder.

All of these sins are sins of the heart.  The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart!  All sin begins in the heart.  The Law of Moses proves the wickedness and deceitfulness of the human heart.  It shows the condition within.  It proves your selfishness.  It shows you need a Savior, someone to intercede on your behalf for eternal life to occur.

I am that Savior.  I came to die and forgive you of your sins.  I came to take your deserved place on a cross, so that you could be forgiven and live eternally with my Father in heaven.  I came to set you free from guilt, condemnation and accusation.  There is therefore now no condemnation for those living in my grace!

My Father is calloused if he leaves you in your sin and fallen state.  But he is not.  He loves you.  He sent me to die in your place, that whosoever believes in me will never perish, never be accused, but be given eternal life.  That gift is for you and all who receive it, by grace, through faith.

If you know me, rest in my Father's love today.  Know he's given you a new heart, a pliable one, filled with the mercy, forgiveness and kindness he has shown to you.  Rest in the glory of my cross, my substitutionary death for you.  I am yours.  You are mine.

You can trust me today.