I've seen and heard a lot of people through the years tell me they are going to change their lives.  They decide they really want to be good. Then, after some period of time, they are still the same.  They haven't changed one bit. Do you really want to change your life today?  Then here is the key.  Someone who is good is the person whose heart is good.  The person who is good is bathed and clothed by divine love.  Deep within the recesses of their hearts, they know they are deeply and dearly loved by their Creator.  Therefore, their goodness does not flow from doing good things, their goodness flows from a loved heart that wants to do good things.

I call it "the great want to."  It's that inward desire that deeply wants to do what is right. It's a heart that is invisible and unknowable but to God alone.  We know God sees this heart, therefore we want all hypocrisy in the public realm eradicated.  We want it gone.

Out of the heart flows the wellspring of all good.  If you really want to be good, let your heart be imbibed with God's goodness.  Then you'll want to change.

And that's the key to all life change!