Rod Stewart once sang a song whose words get into your head.  They are commonly called "earworms".  Once inside, they are hard to forget.  

Here is the refrain:


You're in my heart,

You're in my soul,

You'll be my breath should I grow old,

You are my lover, you're my best friend. 

You're in my soul.


Maybe you remember this refrain.  It was a very popular song.  But what I bet you didn't know is that it was originally written by George and Ira Gershwin, later sung by no other than Frank Sinatra!


You know what?  It really doesn't matter who originally wrote or sung it.  What matters are the words, why they get into your head.  The reason?  When you find that right person, he or she really does get into your heart and soul.  They become your breath of life, a lover, best friend, a part of you.


I hope you have that kind of person now.  I do.  If not, I hope and pray it happens soon!  There's nothing better!