I'm often asked by people how to resist temptation.  It comes to us in all forms and ways.  It is persistent and relentless, no matter how old we may be!


Here is my best advice.  Resist the second gaze.  It's as simple as that.  Resist the second gaze.


The first gaze is tacitly impossible.  Temptations come in regularity and we can't stop them from coming to us.  But the second time, we should take note.  The second time, we should be aware.  The second time, we should know.  That's why we're not responsible for the first gaze in dealing with temptation.  But we are responsible for the second one!


Therefore, when it comes, refuse to look a second time.  When it comes, refuse to move your hand toward it.  When it comes, don't take that next step toward it.


You can't stop the first gaze.  But you can resist the second one.  In my opinion, it's the key to overcoming temptation.