My college basketball coach, Dean Smith, was a very wise man.  He gave his players all kinds of insights that helped them become better basketball players but, more importantly, better people.


Here's some advice that has helped me on and off the court.  He would say, over and over again, "Gentlemen, you can't ever take a play off.  Just as soon as you do, you give up a basket and we end up losing by one point.  Play every play like it's the last 10 seconds of the game with the score tied."


Playing hard every play made us all better players.  But the advice carries over to life too.  That one moment when we let our guard down, when we yield to a temptation, say something we shouldn't say, lose our temper when we should have stayed calm, can lose a huge life's game for us too!


We need to be on our guard all the time.  Temptation lurks.  Failure hides its face.  Not to be prepared for every situation can be life altering or debilitating.


Great advice from Coach Smith to all of us who desperately need to hear it!