Most of us are anticipating Christmas Day.  If we have little ones, we can’t wait to see their eyes widen as they gaze upon their gifts.  We want them to know that their parents are kind and generous, as our heavenly Father is kind and generous.  If we have family in the area, or perhaps if we are traveling to family outside the area, we are anticipating gathering together, seeing several generations together under the same roof.  We will laugh, share memories, and enjoy another year on God’s beautiful earth.

But what should we be anticipating personally on Christmas Day?  What should be the spiritual movements in our heart as we approach this special day of the year?

There’s a line in the Christmas hymn, “Silent Night,” that says, “The hopes and fear of all the years are met in thee tonight.”  Ponder that line for a moment.  All of us have hopes.  All of us have fears.  They are natural movements in life’s dance.  The writer of the hymn says that all of our hopes and all of our fears are met in that little baby in the manger.

Is it true?  Could it possibly be that in that God has become one of us? Is God’s name really “Emmanuel,” God is with us?  Did God actually leave the splendor of heaven to enter the squalor of our lives?  

Once we invite the baby to become a part of our hearts, we can trust him with all our hopes.  Our future dreams are in his hands   If they are his will, we rest assured that he will answer in his perfect time.  We can also trust him with all our fears.  When our fears knock on the doors of our heart, we send Jesus to answer them.  When he does, most often they are gone!

This Christmas Day, really anticipate, really believe that all our hopes and fears are met in the Christ child in the manger.  When you do, his perfect peace should invade and flood your hearts.