I enjoy following college basketball.  It's one of my fun hobbies.  


One of the most intriguing times in college basketball is its recruiting.  Where kids go largely determines the success of a team and program in the future.


High school kids, when making a decision, often call it a "non-binding verbal commitment."  It's a phrase I've never really understood.  It's an oxymoron.  Kind of like "jumbo shrimp."  It doesn't make sense.  How can you make a commitment that is non-binding?


What is a commitment?  It's making a choice to eliminate all other choices!  It's a decision of complete and total exclusivity.  When someone makes a commitment, it should be binding, no matter what.


Maybe that's one of the reasons our society doesn't operate like it should.  Maybe we have too many "non-binding verbal commitments" that don't mean anything.  Maybe that's why it's hard to trust what people say today.


An insight from the world of college basketball!!