I remember one time in my home growing up, sitting around the dinner table, my older brother inadvertently sassed my mother.  I don't think he meant to.  But he was a bit too caddy toward our Mom.


Dad, without hesitation, immediately looked at him and said, "I'll have you know, you're speaking to the woman I love, in a way I deem totally inappropriate."  Silence ensued.  Nothing else really needed to be said.  Dad had spoken.  It was clear.  We kids, in no uncertain terms, were never to speak or act disrespectfully toward our mother.  Dad wouldn't allow it.


I wonder how many of us fathers see ourselves as the defenders of our wives before our children?  I wonder how many of us fathers would absolutely prevent any kind of disrespect toward our wives before our children?


If we did so, it might increase our wives respect of us.  It might also promote more respect from the kids toward their Mom.  


It did in my home growing up.  It's something I've tried to emulate from my Dad.