The ever-popular Dr. Phil once gave this advice to a man and husband.  He said, "Remember, you married her.  You didn't hire her!"


He is right.  Wives were not created to be hired servants for us men.  They are not to be used by us as our personal maids.  The are co-laborers in the family.  They are equally valuable in making the family work.  They are absolutely essential for the family to work together.


Personally, I have a wife who gave up a promising career as a business executive to be a wife and mother.  She does serve me in incredible ways.  She gives of herself in ways I can't ever begin to explain.


I pray I'll never take her for granted.  I pray I always thank her for her sacrifices, in what she has given to me and our children.  Without her, I wouldn't be half the man I am today.  I'm grateful beyond words for her.


If you have a wife like I do, I hope you'll thank her.  I hope you won't ever take her for granted.  I hope you'll cherish her.  If so, you have a jewel of a wife.


And always remember: "You married her.  You didn't hire her!”