Today's verses are John 7:1,2: "After this Jesus went about in Galilee.  He would not go about in Judea, because the Jews were seeking to kill him.  Now the Jews' Feast of Booths was at hand." After my teachings about how people who follow me need to give up everything to be my follower (John 6), I stayed mostly in Galilee.  I knew that if I went to Judea, and more specifically Jerusalem, there would be Jewish leaders who wanted me dead.  I knew they would try to kill me.  I was a threat to their power, position and prosperity.

My child, others do the same thing with me today.  If I threaten people's lifestyle, how they spend their money, what they do with their time, they kill me anew.  The harden their hearts.  They sear their consciences.  They don't pay any attention to my teachings about giving up everything in order to be my disciple.  Essentially, they desert me.  Essentially, they have tried to kill me anew.

I hope this isn't you.  I hope you absorb all my teachings, deeply in your soul.  I want to transform your life by the renewing of your mind.  When my teachings become a part of you, imbibed deeply in your heart, mind and soul, slowly but surely you become like me.  You think as I want you to think.  You believe as I want you to believe.  You act as I desire you to act.  You live as I desire you to live.  That is how I change a life.  That is how I can change your life--from the inside/out, from your heart and head to your actions.

Also, in that day, I enjoyed the different feasts and festivals, regularly etched on the Jewish calendar.  At this point, the Feast of Booths was occurring in Jerusalem.  It was an annual celebration of the wilderness days, when the people wandered for forty years yet God supplied their every need.  In my day, people actually took a week and lived in leafy shelters to remind them of my Father's presence in their lives.

My child, you don't have to do this today.  But I do want you to remember that my Father, because of my death and resurrection and your faith in me, lives in your heart.  He is always present in your life.  He has promised to supply your every, daily need.  No matter what you face today, my Father will be with you, to give you strength and courage.  He will never forsake you.  The same Father who oversaw the Jews in the wilderness is now abiding with you.

Let me change your life.  Let me walk with you today.  Do not be fear.  Do not be anxious about anything.  Thank me for what I've done in your life.  Pray and give me your cares and worries.  There you will find my promised peace.  I do love you.  You are my child.

You can trust me today.