Today's verses are John 7:3,4: So his brothers said to him, 'Leave here and go to Judea, that your disciples also may see the works you are doing.  For no on works in secret if he seeks to be known openly.  If you do these things, show yourself to the world.'" My child, I had naturally born, earthly brothers.  I was the elder brother, the first born, of the family.  They grew up with me.  They knew me.  They were my family.

But they did not understand my mission from heaven.  They didn't understand why my Father in heaven sent me to earth.  They looked at the Feast of Booths going on in Jerusalem, a time of year when thousands of faithful Jews and others would come to Jerusalem to celebrate God's faithfulness when his chosen wandered in the wilderness for forty years, as an opportunity to increase my popularity.  They wanted me to attend, perform miracles, to increase my personal status, to gain a huge following.

They were essentially saying, "No one with your gifts can do good by remaining in secret.  You need a larger following.  You need a brand.  You need a big platform.  You need to show yourself to the world so they will follow you!"

My child, that's the way the world thinks.  For success to occur, they need a movement, a following, a celebrity personality, a cult following.  But that is not my way.  My way is the way of the cross.  My path is that of a suffering servant.  My way to lead is by serving.  My way to change a world is not on a throne but on my knees.  My calling is not to be a superstar but a servant.  My way of popularity is not self-aggrandizement but humility.  In humility we are lifted up.

Any movement apart from a servant's heart, birthed in prayer, by the character trait of humility is done by human strength.  It cannot last.  It births great people.  It does not birth my Father's kingdom.  It does not possess kingdom power.  It is temporary.  It will never last for eternity.

My child, don't fall prey to the world's ways.  Don't succumb to the world's temptation to succeed in human strength.  It's not of me.

Today, give you life away.  Desire to serve, not be served.  Don't think like the world thinks.  Make your highest desire my Father's kingdom, but only done his way, in his time, for his glory.

You can trust me today.