Mark 5 today three terrific stories about FAITH!  Here they are: First, there’s the Gerasene demoniac, strong beyond words, wondering in the tombs (the demonic loves death and destruction! That’s what they are all about).   He screamed constantly and hit himself with stones (cut himself?  Teens who do this, isn’t it from the demonic world?).  Note these truths:

-his name was Legion because there were many of them inside this man.  They were cast into 2,000 pigs—could there have been this many in the man?

-they knew who Jesus was.  In the eternal world, the fallen angels who became the demons knew who Jesus was, his authority over them, the fact he created them!  By the way, just knowing who Jesus is doesn’t get you into heaven.  Even the demons believe in Jesus.  Inviting Jesus to be Lord, King and Savior over all of your life is the only route to salvation.

-the people wanted Jesus to leave the city and leave them alone.  Did he disrupt their financial industry?  Money usually trumps God.

-the now healed man, in his perfect, right mind (Jesus always gives health to the mind) is commanded by Jesus to tell everyone what happened to him in the Decapolis, a ten city area of Gentiles.  This man, now healed, becomes the first Christian missionary to the Gentiles!

Second, there is Jairus and his daughter.  She is very sick, near death.  Note:

-a father’s love for his daughter.  Is there anything more endearing?  He is a leader of the local synagogue, has great influence in the community but can’t heal his sick daughter.  He loves her so...

Third, on the way to heal Jairus’s daughter, a woman with an issue of blood for over 12 years leaps to touch the hem of his garment.   She does and:

-power comes out from Jesus’ body.  Healing was his will.  When any part of that power left him, he knew it.  Try praying with fervent faith for someone.  At the end of this intense prayer, feel how powerless you feel!  That gives you an idea of what Jesus experienced.

-her faith made her well.  Jesus said, “Now go in peace.”

Back to Jairus.  Jesus arrives and knows she’s not dead.  Then:

-Jesus says some powerful words to the mourners (many paid professionals) and us: “Don’t be afraid.  Just trust me.”  Wow...what is your problem today?  Jesus’ words to us all would be simply: “Don’t be afraid.  Just trust me.”  Just trust Jesus.  He is in control.  He knows.  He cares.  Trust him with the problem.

-Jesus kicks out all the mourners.  Did he want all unbelief gone so only faith would be present.  His inner core, Peter, James and John, all went with him.

-The girl is pronounced “only asleep”.  He tells her to get up and she does.  Her parents are overwhelmed...with gratitude, I’m sure.

-What does Jesus command first to the parents after this incredible miracle?  Give the daughter something to eat.  He cares about our simplest needs: food, water, clothes, etc.

Trust Jesus today!  In all your needs, hurts, desires and hopes, trust him today.  He IS the Lord of the universe.  He DOES have authority over everything, even the demonic world (no matter who many may be attacking you).  Jesus plus nothing is a majority!

May faith full your heart today.

AuthorCasey Shannon