Most all of us have to work today.  We must begin the day with long hours ahead of us, knowing we need to provide for our families and ourselves.


It's commonly called, "making a living."  It's important, especially if we have little ones depending on us.


But let's try something different today.  Instead of approaching today and thinking, "I've got to make a living," why not approach today and say, "I'm going to try and make a life for someone else today.  I'm going to devote my energies to making this day a better day for those around me.  And I'm going to use whatever capacity I have to help them succeed so they can make a living for their families!"


It's indeed a new way of thinking.  It's using work, not solely to supply my own needs, but using work to help others.  Then my day becomes a day not of self- serving but of serving others, to try to give them life, hope and blessings.


Try it today.  It just may make a huge difference whether today is a day of drudgery or purpose!

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