I recently heard this leadership truth and thought it valuable.  I wanted to share it with you today. It's simple but profound.

"Instead of striving for success, strive for influence."  That's an entirely different leadership paradigm, isn't it?  Most leaders, myself included, think that we should daily strive for success. We need to make sure our numbers increase and we daily meet the bottom line.

That's certainly not unimportant.  All of us have people, boards, bosses to whom we may be answerable.  But maybe there is a better, different paradigm to help us meet the bottom line better.  What could that be? That daily we strive for influence, not success.  

No leader can accomplish the task alone.  All of us need people with whom we work to help us accomplish daily bottom lines.  Therefore, if leaders are influencing those around them rightly, then they will all work together better that, in turn, produces a better bottom line than could have been achieved alone!

Simple, yet true: all leaders should daily strive for influence, not success.  

Then more success actually comes.  A strange but true paradox!

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