Mark 11 today, some insights about true worship and faith from this chapter: -Jesus enters Jerusalem triumphantly after his disciples get a colt for him.  He told them where to find it and simply ask for it and it would be given to them.  All this is in fulfillment of the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9 about how Messiah would one day enter Jerusalem on a colt.

-The people cried “Hosanna” which means “Save us, please!”  They were hoping for literation from Roman tyranny.  Jesus wanted to save them from the power of sin and death.

-Jesus curses the fig tree.  No fruit was coming from it, which should have been the case at this time of year.  But the fig tree was symbolic of Israel  throughout Old Testament literature.  Jesus was cursing Jerusalem and Israel for not bearing fruit as God intended when he formed this nation (Genesis 12:3: “I will bless you to be a blessing...”).  We were created to bless others, not horde for ourselves God’s blessings.

-Jesus cleanses the Temple as a sign to the religious authorities that HE alone was Lord of the Temple.  His heart ached for the lack of true worship in the Temple, the reason God allowed it to be built in the first place!  Moreover, he saw how the money changers primarily existed on the outer fringes of the Temple, what is called the “Court of the Gentiles”.  Because of all this bartering and money-making, the Gentiles, the lost, couldn’t enter into God’s presence and be saved.  That’s why Jesus said in vs 17 that the Temple was created to be a place of prayer FOR ALL THE NATIONS!”--blessed to be a blessing....Israel existed to be a blessing to the world, to help all the world, especially the lost Gentiles, come to worship the one true God.

-Vs 22ff: keep practicing believing prayer.  Don’t speak to God about your huge problem (mountain) but speak to the mountain about your great God!  Just make sure that:

  1. You really believe
  2. You don’t doubt
  3. You’ve forgiven others who have hurt you and don’t hold grudges.

Then trust God totally with the answer.  He is good.   His mercies endure forever.

-vs27ff though the religious authorities rebuked Jesus acting with such authority, Jesus had full authority from the Father!  Just as John the Baptist operated with authority from heaven (and the religious authorities couldn’t admit this without a riot!), so does Jesus.

Jesus is the authoritative Lord of the universe.  He is Lord over the Temple, Jerusalem, Israel, the Gentile world and you and me.  Make sure your life is totally entrusted to him today.  He loves us all so much, so much that he’d go to a Cross to overcome the power of sin and death in our lives.  That’s why he entered Jerusalem years ago.  That’s why he desires to enter triumphantly into our hearts today.

May Jesus walk with you today.


AuthorCasey Shannon