Here is a simple way to become discouraged and depressed.  It's a sure fire formula that has never failed to work.  Would you like to know what it is?  


Ok, here's the solemn truth: if you want to become discouraged and depressed (and most certainly stay that way for a long time), try to please everyone around you.  Try to keep everyone around you happy. Assume the responsibility of everyone's happiness in your life.


It's impossibility.  You can't keep everyone happy.  Why?  Because you can't choose another's happiness.  It's something each one of us individually must work toward.  Working hard to keep everyone happy is a control mechanism worthy only for God himself.  And last time I checked, neither you nor I is God!


So do your best.  Give God the rest.  Be responsible for your life.  Don't be responsible for the lives of those around you.  Life is too short to stay discouraged and depressed for too long.


It's the only way you can live sanely on this side of eternity!

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