I love this quote about parenting from a man named Robert Brault. For every parent listening right now, you know what he is saying.  He said, "When you have brought up kids, there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts."


Wow, so true!  You go through the hope they are conceived, to the hope they are healthy when born, to the desire they become exceptional humans, to the dream their dreams come true.  And each experience through which you walk with them, your heart and mind are melted just a little more with theirs.


Then, when they hurt, we hurt.  When they cry, we cry.  When they are disappointed, we're disappointed.  When they want to give up, we hurt with them.


But I've concluded that's ok.  It's the way our Creator intended it when he made parents with kids.  He intended it to be this way.  Our memories with them become our tears…and that's ok!


It's what keeps our hearts attached to theirs forever.

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