Every single one of us desires to succeed in life.  It's natural to want to do so.


Therefore, let me share with you something I learned long ago that is an absolute necessity in life for success to occur.  It's simply this truth: hard work and perseverance is the natural bridge from a goal becoming a successful goal.


Whenever you are trying to achieve something, there will most always be resistance.  There will be obstacles that will come in your way.  There will be times you want to give up.  But don't.  Keep on trying.  Keep persevering.  Keep struggling.  Keep moving forward.  Keep working hard.  Most often, the breakthrough will come.  Most often, the victory will happen.  It may take time, more than you expected.  But keep working.  Keep trying.  Don't give up!


Victory and a positive outcome most often come after much hard work and perseverance.  They are necessary for success in life.  


Most successful people know what I'm talking about, right?

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