The following are three great guidelines to help us all when we are confronted with making very important life decisions.  After all, we are the sum total of all our life choices!  Here they are:

1.            Don't ever make a decision under pressure.  When we're under pressure, we don't think as clearly as we need to think.  We need clear minds when making important decisions and being under pressure fogs a clear mind!

2.        Don't ever make a decision in a hurry.  If someone is saying to you, "You need to make this decision in the next hours," that's probably a sure clue you need to take a pass and not make the decision for a while!

3.            Trust your gut.  I've found, through the years, that my gut instinct, that feeling deep within when you need to make a decision, is most often correct.  When you're not sure, trust your gut.  It's often the best leading you'll ever get!

I hope these three, simple, yet profound "guidelines" for making right choices will help you make right choices today!

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