We all need help in making decisions.  Decisions can be life-altering, affecting our futures for years to come. Therefore, we need to make wise decisions.


Are there some good guidelines for making wise choices? There are.  Here's one I've learned through the years: If you don't have peace, don't do it!  If you have doubt, don't do it!  


If you're flowing in the right direction for your life, most often there is en eternal, I think divine guidance for people's lives. Therefore, if there is a will from the Almighty for your life, he would give you peace in the decision, wouldn't he?  He would remove all doubt from the decision.


That doesn't mean that all your circumstances will suddenly be calm.  No, your circumstances may still be every bit as turbulent as before.  But you can face them easily, with peace in your heart, because you know you're being led rightly.


No peace and lots of doubt?  Don't do it!  You're probably heading into more unrest and more doubt if you do so!


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