Here is a truth I've learned over and over again in my own life: you are often the closest to your victory when you are facing your biggest opposition.  I can't explain it, but most often it is true.  When the giant is the biggest, it seems I'm closest to my victory.


That's why we shouldn't give up too quickly.  Most all of us assume that when the mountain before us is the highest, that's the one mountain we can't ever climb.  


But we shouldn't.  We need to act in our hearts like this mountain doesn't even exist.  We steadfastly move forward, step-by-step, blow-by-blow, knowing that the mountain one day will dissolve into the heart of the sea.  After today, we're one day closer to the mountain being gone!


Might we even dare to believe it's already happened?  Might we have enough faith today to believe that the mountain has already been scaled, the giant already defeated, the problem already solved…we've just not yet experienced it yet.  Might we believe we've already received?


That way, we know the large obstacle isn't really that large and victory just may be right around the corner!


And we won't give up!

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