The following is a simple, yet profound, marriage tip I once heard. When rightly practiced, it can make any marriage better, richer and stronger.


What is it?  Make sure you kiss each other every day.  That's it!  Just make sure you kiss each other every day.


The kiss is a marvelous gift from God.  It is a simple, concise way of expressing love, commitment and affection.  It takes only a second to do it.  Indeed, every couple can do it!  It's not difficult to do.  It's easily taught and learned.  And it exponentially increases love between two individuals.


So here's the application for this Moment of Hope today: when you get home, make sure you simply kiss one another.  Then make a commitment to keep doing every day for the rest of your married life.  


I think it will draw you closer and closer together.  And I would think it's a practice you could really learn to enjoy!

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