Psalm 62 today.  How do you respond when people have used you, misused you, seemed friendly to your face but spoken lies about you behind your back.  They may have even wanted to topple you from power.  There were many of them but just you having to stand firm for what you knew was truth?  Ever been in this kind of situation?  If so, welcome to King David’s world.  What I just described was his life in Psalm 62:3,4. Therefore, the question becomes, “What do I do, how do I respond in this kind of situation?”  The other parts of the psalm give David’s answer.  Here’s what he said to do:

  1. Vs 1: Wait quietly before God.  Don’t try to avenge yourself.  Wait quietly before him.  I know it’s hard to wait on God but it’s one of his primary ways to build faith.  Athletes do “weight training.”  People of faith do “wait training.”  It’s an essential part of maturing in Christ.  The answer to this problem can only come from God, “who is our salvation.”
  2. Vs 2: Make faith declarations about who God is.  He is “MY rock, salvation and fortress.”  Note how personal God is to David.  He should be to us too.  In him, “I will not be shaken.  I will NEVER be moved!”  You believe in God’s strength for you in this and all situations.
  3. Vs 5-7: David repeats the waiting and faith declarations above.  You can’t say too often to God that you will wait quietly on him and who you believe he is...”MY rock, salvation, fortress, rock, refuge...”
  4. Vs 8: David exhorts all the people “to trust God at all times.”  As you wait quietly, you trust God every moment while you wait.  For God alone is the author of the world!  In this same verse, David says, “and pour out your heart to him.”  God knows you’re hurting over this situation.  He knows it was unfair.  Tell him!  “POUR OUT” your heart to him.  You can trust God in your prayers.  Be honest!  He knows and cares.  “For God is my refuge,” David says.
  5. Vs 9: Admit you’re nothing in God’s sight.  I’m nothing, you’re nothing, everyone is nothing in God’s sight.  He alone is God!  Our trust is in him, not ourselves.
  6. Vs 10: Examine your hearts.  Is money your god or God?  He can’t hear your prayers as you wish if there are other false gods in your life.  And if your wealth increases, don’t make it the center of your life.
  7. Vss 11,12: All power belongs to God.  It’s his deal to solve my problem.  He is perfect, unfailing love so I do trust him.  BUT, I do acknowledge that God does judge people for what they’ve done.  A huge part of God’s character is his justice.  He DOES deal with people for what they’ve done.  I believe it.  But I trust him to do it in his time and way.  Until then...

“I wait quietly before God, for my salvation (the solution to this problem) comes from him and him alone.”

I hope your “wait training” goes well today and forever.

AuthorCasey Shannon