I have an idea of helping your marriage right now.  Are you ready?  Here it is: call your spouse right now and tell him/her how much you love the other.  Don't pause another second.  Let him/her know right now how much you appreciate him or her.


So often we put off what we know we should or want to do.  We say, "Oh yes, I will do it.  I'll get to it, right after I do so and so.  Then we do so and so and never get around to it.


Therefore, let me confront your procrastination right now.  Let me deluge you with guilt about putting it off.  Right now, no hesitation, no more procrastination, no more waiting around, no more excuses, call your beloved and let him/her know how much you care.


It's valuable!  It's important!  It will help your marriage become a stronger marriage right now, today, without any further delay!


Ready, set…CALL!

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