The following is a very important marriage priority.  It's not often taught.  But it's essential for a healthy marriage.  It's something I've increasingly learned in my more than three decades of successful marriage.


Here it is: there needs to be some times apart.  There needs to be some space in your togetherness.  There needs to be times when you enjoy life apart from one another.  And it's okay when it happens!


My wife and I have some similar interests.  We also have some dissimilar interests. When we choose to do things we personally like but the other doesn't, we go ahead and do them, without guilt, without reservation.  It actually makes our marriage stronger.  Really, it does!


It's much like two columns holding up a roof.  They are strongest when just a little apart.  Their space gives them strength.


I think it's true also in marriage.  Enjoy each other.  But also enjoy your space in your togetherness.  Both are necessary for a strong marriage to work.

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