Here's a parenting tip I enjoy and constantly share with people: Your kids want your presence more than presents.


Some parents think that if they just give their kids lots of "stuff," lots of presents and gifts, then they will earn their respect, love and admiration.


But nothing could be further from the truth.  Your kids can tell when you're trying to buy their affections.  Your kids don't want your "stuff," they want you.  They don’t' want gifts.  They want the giver.  They don't want your presents.  They want your presence.  They want you in involved in their lives.  They want to walk through life with a guide, friend, Mom and Dad.


If you have kids, that would be you!  No one else can parent your kids like you can.  No one!


So go home today and write appointments into your calendar with them.  Make sure you're intentional about spending time with them!  It's what they want the most from you.

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