I've tried to learn from wise people through the years, especially in the area of decision-making.  Every single one of us is confronted with daily decisions.  We all know that our decisions today will affect our lives tomorrow.  Therefore, we need to make wise choices today.


What are some principles that can guide us all in our decision-making?  Here's an important one once taught to me: Never make a personal, important decision based on a temporary situation.  If the situation might soon change, maybe it's best to procrastinate the decision until the situation becomes more permanent.  Then and only then should we make the decision.


I know I've made some choices when the entire situation changed within days!  If I'd just waited 48 hours, not only would I not have spent so much emotion trying to figure out what to do, I wouldn't have made the bad decision at all!


Someone once called it "Procrastinational decision-making."  It's a wise practice if things are unclear, evolving and ever-changing.  Wait a bit and see what settles.  Then make your decision!

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