This is so true.  Nobody trips over mountains.  We trip over smaller stones on life's pathway.  Most often they are unseen.  But these smaller rocks are what cause us to stumble.


Doesn't it then make perfect sense that if we walk our daily life's paths and don't stumble over the smaller rocks we will eventually find one day that we have crossed the mountain?


I think it does.  Therefore, today, be cautious about the little things that can trip you up.  Have a special gaze, a guided intuition, about those things that can cause you to stumble and fall.  Maybe you should even ask a friend to help be your guide on today's path.  They may know you well and be able to point out some hidden rocks you may miss and can't see.


Then do the same thing tomorrow, the next day, and the next.  After days and weeks, you just may find that purported mountain in your life, the one you thought you'd never be able to overcome, has just been overcome!  The mountain has been conquered and scaled.


And the vista at the top is often more beautiful than ever imagined!

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