Here's a helpful insight into relationships that has proven very valuable to me thru the years.  


Relationships are like bank accounts.  If a person makes more withdrawals than deposits in your life, eventually you will have bankruptcy.


It's true, isn't it?  If you are the only one investing in the health of the relationship, and the other person is relentlessly withdrawing from your account, eventually you won't have anything else you can place in the relationship.  Eventually, there's relational bankruptcy.  Eventually, you just don't have any more to give to it.  Eventually, you can only do one thing: close the account.


Are you in such a relationship today?  Is there someone draining your account and not putting anything into it?  If so, you may want to think seriously about closing the relational account and moving on.  It can't keep on forever.  Eventually, your heart will be drained.


It's better to move on before foreclosure occurs!

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