If you feel a bit despairing and hopeless today, I want you to do this exercise.  I want you to remember a time in your life when God came through for you.  Remember a time in your past when there seemed to be no answer and God came through for you.


Here's the truth.  If he did it once, he can do it again.  I remember once when I was playing basketball at UNC under Coach Dean Smith.  I did something in practice I'd never done before.  He blew his whistle and said, "David Chadwick, that was a great play!"  Chills danced up and down my spine hearing this compliment from a great coach.  Then he paused a second and responded, "And if you did it once, you can do it again!"


He is correct…and the same thing is true in our relationship with God.  If he came through once for us, he can come through again for us!  


Believe that today.  Lay your despair before him.  Believe he is faithful.  Know he can come through for you today.


And watch hope overcome your despair.

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