Today's verses are John 14:7,8: "If you had known me, you would have known my Father also.  From now on you do know him and have seen him'  Philip said to him, Lord, show us the Father, and it enough for us.'" My child, do you see what I am saying here?  If you know me personally, you know the nature of my Father in heaven who sent me!

Why is this important?  It's because many of you had bad Dads.  Your earthly fathers were either abusive, uncaring, absent, legalistic, demanding, hurtful and/or domineering.  When you are told my truths about the reality of my Father in heaven, you make the connection with your earthly father.  You say, "If the heavenly Father is like my earthly father, I don't want anything to do with him!"

It is a wrong connection to make.  My Father in heaven never wanted you to have bad Dads in original intent.  When he created the world, his desire was that all kids would have loving, kind, available, caring, honest, integrous fathers.  Because of the fall, men have chased after fame, prestige, glory and accolades instead of their wives and children.  Bad Dads was never a part of my Father's original intent.

That's one of the reasons I came to earth, to give people a right view of fathering.  But more, I wanted all people to have a correct view of my Father in heaven.

What is that correct view?  How can you know what the Father in heaven is really like?  Look at me.  Philip asked me to show him the Father.  I told him that they had seen him through me, through my life and witness.

Look at me and you will know and see my Father in heaven.  Look at my incarnation, leaving heaven to pursue our love relationship.  Look at my love, compassion, grace and mercy toward you and others.  Look at my patience and long-suffering with people.  Look at my healing power.  Look at my presence in your life, my close personal relationship with you.  Look at the extent to which I'd go to love and forgive you, death on a cross.  Look at my resurrection, the way I continue to pursue you.  Look at my promises, always kept, always secure, never missed.  Look at my presence.  I'll always be with you.

My child, if you had a bad Dad, pleas know that I came to allow you to bypass his failures and receive the love of my Father in heaven.  I reconnect you to my Father's original intent.  In me, you see the father you never had.  In me, you know what you should have had.  In me, if you are a Dad, you can now become the father your kids need.  In me, your old wounds can be cast aside by grace.

No longer do you need to have your life held in bondage by a bad Dad.  If you know me, you know my Father also.  From now on, you do know him by knowing me.  You are free to be loved and love.

It's true!  Believe it today!

You can trust me today.