Psalm 91 today, a well-known, beloved psalm that gives each believer hope as they face the trials of each day.  It’s a great psalm to pray daily, a psalm that believes in God’s protection in all situations.  Here is the points I love: 1) To pray this psalm, you are to be a person “who lives in the shelter of the Most High”...who finds “rest in the shadow of the Almighty”  You can’t claim these promises unless you begin with verse 1.  But you also need vs 2: “This I declare (faith declaration, from mouth!): “He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God and I am trusting in him” (vs 2).  It’s very similar to John 15:7.  If we abide in Christ and his words abide in us we can ask Jesus anything in his name and it will be answered!

2) He will rescue us and protect us from fatal plagues (vs 3)

3) He will shield us with his wings and shelter us with his feathers.  We cling to his faithful promises.  They are our armor and protection (vs 4).

4) We will not fear terrors of night or disasters by day!  The evils happening to others are not ours!  The wicked who have hurt us, we’ll see God’s justice before our very eyes (vss 5-7).

5) What great promises!  But they are only for those who make the Most High our refuge and shelter (vs 9).  They are only for ones whose God is their very life!

6) But for those who do: No evil will conquer you.  His angels oversee his by God’s command.  We will have oversight over poisonous snakes and fierce lions (vss 10-13).

Then, the psalm concludes with God speaking directly to us, all those who trust totally in him (vss 14-16).  You claim these promises for yourself today, from God himself, no matter what you may be facing:

-I will rescue you -I will protect you -When you pray, I will answer -I will be with you in times of trouble -I will honor you -I will satisfy you with a long life -I will give you my salvation

Wow! Claim these priceless promises.  Now face today and every day with confidence!

AuthorCasey Shannon