Today's verses are John 14:17,18: "...even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him.  You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you." My child, I am promising to my disciples then, and to you, the amazing, incredible gift of "another Helper" (vs.16), my very helping presence, living inside you, permanently, forever!  He is the third person of the Godhead.  His nature is my and my Father's nature.  We are perfectly linked in love toward one another.  When he indwells you, I and my Father do too!

He is also "the Spirit of truth."  He will guide you, and all my disciples, into all truth.  There is absolute truth in the world.  Many don't want to believe it.  They say truth is whatever anyone wants to believe is truth.  But it's merely a way for them to define truth themselves so they can do whatever they want to do.  But when my Spirit of truth lives in the hearts of my disciples, he leads people into all truth.  He shows who I am.  He corrects false living and teaching.  He shows you how to live.  He constantly gives you eternal perspectives.

The world cannot receive him.  The only way you can receive the Holy Spirit is by believing in me.  Once you believe in me, you will receive forever his presence.  He will dwell with you.  He will be in you. But the world rejects who I am.

Yes, the Holy Spirit was working on you before you came to me.  He was convicting you of your sin.  He was guiding you toward me.  But after my death and resurrection, with your hearts completely cleansed, he and I can now indwell you.  We both can be in your heart.  I am Christ in you, the hope of all glory!

If you believe in me, and have received "another Helper," the Holy Spirit inside you, that means I am in you and you are in me.  We indwell one another.  I am totally in your heart and soul, and you are totally in my heart and soul.  We are inextricably linked in a permanent, eternal, union relationship.  My life is yours.  Your life is mine.  As the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have a perfect dance of love among us, so now you have also entered into this perfect dance of love.

My child, as you face today, do so knowing I am in you and you are in me.  Be my instrument of love and peace.  Walk graciously and confidently, as I lead you every step pf the way.  When you meet those who don't know me, show them me in you, your hope and glory.  Because of my presence in you, make them thirsty and hungry for my righteousness.  Make them desire my presence in them because of the way they see my presence in you.

I am with you today.  I will use you today for my glory.

You can trust me today.