As we awaken and begin each day, we're confronted with two options.


What are they?  First, we can hold on to the past.  We can let our past paralyze us.  We can dwell on all the bad that has happened to us and feel wronged, angry and resentful.  Doing so, we remain prisoners of our past.


There is another option.  What is it?  We can move on to our future. We can look forward to a new day.  We can believe there is still a future and a hope for us.  We can believe that something even today may happen to us that will change our day.


You can either hold on to the past or you can move on to your future. The first destroys your present and your future.  The second gives life and hope to your present and your future.

The choice is yours.  Please choose wisely. I want your future filled with hope!

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