Today's verses are John 14:21,22: "Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me  And He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him. My child, sometimes it's important, as a teacher, to say something over and over again until the pupils learn it.  Repetition is a key to learning.  I'd previously taught this truth.  I'm doing so again here.

Whoever knows my commandments in their hearts, and keeps them, this person shows genuine love for me.  To keep my commandments means to follow them, to obey them.  It's not enough just to know them.  It's not enough simply to understand them.  It's only when they are kept, followed and obeyed that they become real to a person.

Obedience to my commandments is the proof of your love for me.  It indicates you really do love me with all your heart, soul, mind and might.  My teachings then become real to you.

If you do obey my commandments, I will then manifest myself to you.  What does this mean?  It means I will draw closer to you than ever before.  If obedience proves love, your obedience shows you desire an intimate relationship with me.  It shows your desire to be close to me.

Therefore, as you draw near to me, I will draw near to you.  You will experience a closer relationship with me by obeying my commandments.

But you will also experience more of my personal power and strength.  You will see more miracles.  You will witness more of my life given to you.  You will see more manifestations of my power in and through you.

My friend Isaiah, in 58:10, said that if you serve the poor and give your life away to the needy, then I will lift your own discouragement like the sun rising in darkness toward noonday!  If you try to save your life, you will lose it.  If you try to lose your life, for my sake and the sake of the gospel, you will gain it.

The more you obey my commandments, the closer you will draw to me.  The closer you draw to me, the more you will experience my resurrection power.

My child, listen to my voice today.  Go to where I want you to go.  Do what I tell you to do.  It's not only the right thing to do, but when you do it, you will then experience my manifested power in your life like never before.  It is a great benefit for you to obey me today...and all days.

Try it today.  Obey what I tell you to do.  It proves your love for me.  It will give you more of my power in your life.

You can trust me today.