Today's verses are John 14:27,28: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives do I give to you.  I am going away, and I will come to you.  If you loved me you would have rejoiced, because I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I." My child, the peace I want to give to you is the Hebrew word "shalom."  This word has a much richer meaning than the english word for "peace."  You think peace means only the absence of conflict, turmoil and trials in your lives.  But this word "shalom" has a much deeper, richer connotation.  It means all of life's positive blessings, especially in terms of being in a right relationship with my Father in heaven.  Therefore, it has a sense that all is well in your life.

Even amidst persecution and tribulation, you'd be able to rejoice because you know how my Father is present in and working through the trials.  You know that the tribulation is bringing about perseverance, and perseverance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope and hope never disappoints because my friend, the Helper, the Holy Spirit, has been richly poured out into your heart!

I promise you my "shalom" today and forever.  The world cannot give it to you.  All the world can attempt to accomplish is peace, the absence of conflict.  Even this is futile  My peace is my daily presence, blessing you with blessings in every area of your life!

Again, in these verses, I exhort you not to allow your hearts to be troubled.  It's your choice.  You can either focus on your circumstances or on the Lord over all your circumstances.  If my disciples then had realized what was about to happen, the victory of my resurrection, going to my Father in heaven to rule over all eternity, they would have gladly rejoiced.

For my Father in heaven is greater than I.  What does this mean?  I meant  that my Father in heaven is the one who sent me, who asked me to come to earth.  I willingly submitted to his authority.  I gladly obeyed him in leaving heaven and coming to earth.

This statement does not mean that I am inferior to my Father in heaven.  No, we are co-equal in power and authority.  However, for my thirty-plus years on earth, I gladly and willingly gave up my co-equality.  It was not something I thought I should grasp.  During my time on earth, my Father was greater than I.  I perfectly obeyed him and his will.

My child, all this I did for love.  I gave up all power, position and authority in heaven to come to you, on earth.  I showed you the nature of my Father in heaven.  Being human, you could now understand my Father's will for you in your language.  I showed you my Father's perfect love for you on the cross.  You saw his great power over sin and death in the resurrection.  You see in my resurrection body the resurrection body promised to you, too.

Receive my "shalom" for you today.  Know the fulness of my life I want you to have!  Rest in my profound presence, even amidst your trials.  They won't last forever.  But this promised peace is yours forever.

You can trust me today.