Psalm 98 today.  This psalm begins much like Psalm 96: “Sing a new song to the Lord.”  I love this beginning.  Are you ready for a new song in your life?  Remember when you heard a “new song” on the radio for the first time?  It became an “earworm”, meaning it played over and over again in your brain.  You can’t get it out of your mind.  That’s the kind of song God wants to create in you today.  It’s a “new song” because God makes all things new.  He wants it to get into your head, playing over and over again until you really believe it.  How do you and I receive this new song?  Here are a few ideas from the psalmist:

  1. Remember all God has done for you.  Recall his “wonderful deeds” (vs 1).  Remember his “mighty victory”  he has given you “by his power and holiness.”  We all have these stories, however great or small.  Every nation should see these victorious stories (vs 2).  They are gifts from God to help us sing a “new song.”
  2. Remember his love (vs 3).  How?  Look at the Cross.  There God expressed his love for us all.  He took our sin and gave us his righteousness.  Contemplate it!   What an incredible act of love!
  3. Start singing and shouting praises to our great God (vss 4,5).  Use whatever instrument you can to do so: harp, trumpet, ram’s horn!  Make a symphony of praise.  Put on a CD of majestic praise that you love.  Just start singing God’s praise.  Something incredible happens inside.  It’s a new song God is creating within you.
  4. See how creation praises God.  If you are able, go to the mountains.  Go to the beach.  Go to a river that is either mighty or meanders.  See how creation itself seems to flow in harmony, praising God. That’s what the psalmist describes in verses 7-8a.  If all creation worships and praises God, so should I!  The new song starts to form.
  5. God is just.  He is fair (vs 8b).  He will judge the hurt and unrighteousness you’ve experienced.  All the unfair and unjust nations of the world will one day be judged by almighty God.  This faith in God’s ultimate justice helps heal our hearts, our past wounds, and gives us a new song to sing.

I hope this helps you get an “earworm” from God today.  I hope it’s a new song of his greatness and love for you personally that overcomes any pain within you today.

To Jesus alone belongs all the glory today and forever.

AuthorCasey Shannon