If there is one quality in the world I'd like to see more of it's the quality of empathy.  It's different from sympathy.  Sympathy hurts when another person is hurting.  But empathy is actually putting ourselves in the other person's position.  It's trying, to the best  of our ability, to walk a mile in their shoes.


And remember: when you put yourself in other people's shoes, you will most likely not step on their toes!  It's very hard to do.


Empathy looks at another and wants their highest good.  Empathy tries to grow ourselves by loving and serving others.  Empathy doesn't make snap judgments and criticisms but really tries to learn another's pain and hurts.


Do you want to try and avoid hurting someone else today?  Then learn the wonderful quality of empathy.  Try to walk a mile in their shoes. Try to feel what they feel.


When you do walk in their shoes, you'll discover it's very difficult to step on their toes!

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