If you are breathing, one thing is very certain in life: you will experience disappointments.  They are natural for all who live on this side of eternity.


The problem comes when disappointments start to define and destroy you.  Is there a way not to allow this to happen?


I think so.  Here's one idea that has helped me.  When disappointments come (and I expect them to come!), use them as an opportunity.  Use them as a chance to show you what's really in your heart.  Maybe they will show you that you're engaged in way too much negative thinking.  Or maybe they'll show you you haven't prepared enough in life to expect disappointments.  Or maybe they'll show you people use you too much and you don't set good boundaries in life.


Whatever is revealed to you, use disappointment as a chance to grow and learn.  We all have places that need addressing or revamping. Therefore, disappointments can become grand opportunities to learn and grow.


Use them that way.  Then you control the disappointments and they don't control you.

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