I've come to the sincere belief that everyone in the world is broken, at some level or another.  We all are selfish, want our way and hurt people. Yes, we do perform some good works.  We can be good (I think because the image of God is stamped on our lives).  But, basically, in our hearts, I think we look after number one and try to control our world. If this is true, it gives us all a truth that should help us live our lives better and give us some hope, especially when someone hurts us.  If everyone is broken, that means that people will invariably hurt us.  They will use us.  They will disappoint us.

Therefore, when it happens, we can either:

1) enclose ourselves and never risk loving again or

2) risk loving again, even if we get hurt.

I can't speak for you, but I've chosen the second option.  When love works, it's amazing. When love operates, as it should, it's wonderful.

So keep on trying to love, even if you get hurt.  When you finally find it, it's worth it!!