Hebrews 5...better late than never! We apologize for the delay...technical difficulties. Have a great day! Hebrews 5 today.  This chapter is divided into two parts.  The first one is verses 1-10.  It shows Jesus as our High Priest, chosen by God to represent us before the Father.  His perfect sacrifice on the Cross was done for our sins.

One verse that stands out to me in this section is vs 6: “He (Jesus) learned obedience in the school of suffering.”  The next verse then says, “In this way, God qualified him as a perfect High Priest, and he became the source of eternal salvation for all those who obey him.”  Many of us who follow Jesus want to obey him.  Few of us want to go through suffering to learn obedience.  Yet this is God’s way.  As C. S. Lewis said, suffering is God’s megaphone in our ear!  Seldom do we become attentive to God’s voice like we do in suffering.  Suffering either causes us to be bitter to God or more open to his will.  For Jesus, it was his suffering that led him to obedience to the Cross.  Our salvation is connected to Jesus’ suffering on the Cross!

The second section, verses 11-14 are some of my favorite.  The responsibility of the church is not for people to make decisions for Christ.  It’s to make disciples for Christ.  It’s one thing to raise your hand and say you’ve decided to follow Jesus.  It’s quite another thing actually to follow him.  These verses are challenging Christians to grow up and follow him.

Evidently, many Christians had been walking with the Lord for some time.  Yet the author of this book describes them as babies still drinking milk.  He said in vs 12: “You should be teaching others,” by now.  Vs 14: “Solid food is for those who are mature.”  A true disciple is one who is making disciples of others.  But you can’t make disciples if you’re still drinking pure milk yourself.

What would you think if you say a 30 year old man still playing in the kiddie pool?  If I saw this, I know what I’d do: I’d call the police!

But some of you who say you’ve known Jesus for years are still playing in the kiddie pool.  Question: Whom are you discipiling?  Who is growing closer to Jesus, ready to give their lives away for him, because you are invested in his or her life?

It’s a key question.  The health of the church and future generations depends on your answer.

Make disciples, not decisions.

That’s the goal of the church of Jesus Christ.

AuthorCasey Shannon