I'm learning something in my faith walk I wanted to share with you today.  Jesus taught it.  It has great power, when rightly understood, to move mountains in our lives.


What is this truth?  It's simply this: Instead of speaking to our God about the size of our mountains, speak to our mountains about the size of our God.


Most often, when confronting impossible situations in our lives, our huge mountains, we start whining and complaining to God about how big our problems are.  We speak incessant words of unbelief.  Guess what?  The mountains remain.  They even seem stronger than ever!


Instead, Jesus said, speak to the mountains about the size, power and greatness of your God.  Remind your problems that God is greater than all of the mountains in your life.  Tell the mountains that your God can thrust them into the heart of the sea with one single word.


Then see if the mountains don't start moving.  It may take some time. It may take longer than you wish.  But they will dissolve.  They must.  

They are not bigger than your God.

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