I work hard to build my faith.  I seek encouraging words, from positive people, books, etc. to help build by faith.  It helps me walk through my day with hope and encouragement.


But there are things in life that can kill my faith.  Here is one of them: negative people.  They are people who constantly speak words of death.  They discourage me with words that suggest my problems are bigger than my God.  As they keep speaking, my faith starts to wane. Discouragement fills my soul.  Inertia comes over my body.


What to do?  Get away from these kinds of people.  If they are your friends, choose new friends.  Look at them like you would people with disease-infested bodies.  You don't want to touch them.  You don't want to be near them.  You don't want to catch what they've got.


Discouraging words from discouraging people bring hopelessness and despair.  They kill faith.  They make us want to give up.


Run away from them.  Flee them.  Get as far away from them as you possibly can.


They will not allow hope to blossom in your hearts today…or any day!