Everyone needs dreams by which to live.  If you don't have a dream in your life, I'd bet life isn't too meaningful or challenging for you right now.


Yes, we all need dreams.  But here's a truth about dreams that I've learned through the years: If your dreams don't challenge you, they probably aren't big enough!


How big are your dreams?  Do they challenge you, each day, to know you need to keep moving forward though the dream seems too big to have?  Or is the dream so small that it really demands no faith at all?  If so, I have to wonder if it's really a dream you have or a hoped-for, nice blessing.


Big dreams demand big faith.  Little dreams demand little faith.  If your dreams are so small they never challenge you, what kind of dream is that?  If other people could accomplish the same thing with little effort, what kind of dream is that?


Today, dream a dream that is so big only God can do it.  Dream a huge dream that gets you out of the bed in the morning.  It creates constant hope within.


Because if your dreams don't really challenge you, they are probably not big enough.

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