Today's verses are John 17:17,18: "Sanctify them in the truth; your words is truth.  As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world." My child, I pray now to the Father that you will be sanctified, be holy for me.  Your sanctification is a lifelong process.  It begins when you are born again, when the Holy Spirit of truth invades your heart and takes up residence.  You move toward being separated from the world and its evil influences.  You then grow in holiness and morality.  Your attitudes, thoughts and actions start to look like mine.  You are more sanctified than you were yesterday.  You are not as sanctified as you will be tomorrow.  It is a daily, life-long process, one that continues until you die.

The major way that you are sanctified is through the truth.  There is objective truth that is in your world.  You will be tempted to fall prey to the belief that all truth is relative.  Whatever someone wants to believe is truth, even if it's contrary to another person's understanding of truth.

The way to overcome this debate is to believe that ultimate, objective truth is found in my Father in heaven and his word, the Bible.  I clearly said here, "your word is truth."  God's Word is ultimate reality.  It is eternal, inerrant truth.  It does not conform itself to an external, worldly standard, but is truth itself.  It is complete truth.  It embodies all truth.  Therefore, everything else must be measured, tested and compared against God's Word, which is ultimate truth.

My child, believe today that the Bible is true.  Study it.  Learn it.  Believe it.  Obey it.  As you do, you will become increasingly holy, sanctified.  You will be daily conformed to my image.  That is a major goal I have for your life.

I have another major goal for your life.  I am sending you into the world.  I want you to minister to this dying, decadent world in my name.  I want you to teach them who I am.  I want you to bear fruit for my kingdom.  I want you to be my witnesses.  You will begin locally.  Then you will think and act globally.  As my Father sent me into the world, so I am sending you into the world.

My child, I want you to know me personally as your Lord, Savior and friend.  I want you  also to grow daily in your knowledge of who I am.  I want you to be holy, as I am holy.  Grow through the Bible, which is truth.   But I want you also to go for me.  I need you to go to the least, the poor, the needy, with fervent ministries of compassion.  I need you to go to the lost, those who have never heard my name.  There are still millions who have not heard about me.

Use those three words to guide your life in me: know, grow and go.  All three need to be a part of my disciples' lives.  None can be overlooked.

Always be assured that as you know, grow and go, I will be with you always, even until the close of the age.

You can trust me today.