Today's verses are John 17:19: "And for their sake I consecrate myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth." My child, the cross is the reason I came to the earth.  Whenever you see the cross, you should know it's a symbol of my mission on earth.  It expresses my complete, unconditional love for you and all for whom I died.

On the cross, I consecrated myself.  It was my act of total, selfless love.  It proved my obedience to my Father in heaven.  It showed that I would be willing to go to any extreme to do what was my Father's will for my life.

But the cross was also primarily for you.  It was to sanctify you.  It was to make you holy before my Father in heaven.  It was to make you presentable, as a pure, holy bride, to my Father.

You were not presentable beforehand.  My "Good News" doesn't make any sense unless you first understand the "Bad News."  You were terribly fallen.  My friend Paul, in Romans 5, uses four different words to describe your pre-born again nature.  He calls you "weak."  You were.  You were unable to save yourself.  No good works you ever perform could make you acceptable in my Father's eyes.  Your best works were as filthy rags to my Father.

Paul also says you were "ungodly."  You were.  Your human nature was fallen, broken and filled with selfishness.  There was no godliness in you to be found.

He also says you were "sinners."  You were.  The word means "missing the mark."  It's a word used for archers who shot an arrow and missed the bulls eye.  You too missed the bulls eye of life.  You missed the mark for what my Father wanted for your life.  You fell far short of God's perfect glory.

Finally, he says you were "enemies."  You were.  You were rebels against my Father's perfect will for your life.  You were traitors to his desire of holiness in and through you.  You lived in a way that used life for your benefit, not his.

My child, I consecrated myself to make you sanctified.  On the cross, I forgave you all your sins.  When you are born again, and the Holy Spirit of truth takes up residence in your life.  You are no longer weak, ungodly, sinners and enemies of God.  You are now adopted children in his family.  You begin to grow in looking more and more like me.  You become a new person.

Your consecration happens by my truth.  Once my truth, through my Word, indwells your heart, you grow in sanctification.  You increase in holiness.  You look more and more like me.

The cross allowed all this work in your life to occur.  I chose to consecrate myself so that you could become holy, pure and righteous in the sight of my Father in heaven.  When he now looks at you, he doesn't see your muck, junk or sin.  He now sees my perfect righteousness, given freely by grace to you through my truth.

Live today in this unconditional love.

You can trust me today.