Going through a tough time today?  Life throwing some hard fastballs at you, even at your head?


If so, don't hit the panic button.  And don't keep everything bottled up inside you.  Find some friends with whom you can talk over your situation.  Make sure they are people you can really trust.  Seek their wisdom.


And I'd encourage you to go to several friends you can trust with your problems.  There is something in life called "collective wisdom."  It's the wisdom many people have as they all look at a problem.  When you then consider all perspectives from friends, you will see several ways to tackle your problems.  You'll probably see the two best one or so that you know you need to take immediately.


God created friendships, at least partly, because he knew there would be tough times and we would need others in our lives.


We need them.  They need us.  Together, you can address all problems in life.

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