Envy.  It's a big time problem for most all of us.  I wish it wasn't so.  But because we're all imperfect people, we become envious of others.  As one person put it long ago: "As a moth gnaws a garment, so does envy consume a man."  How true!  Envy eats away at our energy levels.  It depletes joy from our hearts.


Is there a way to fight envy?  Is there a way to combat the natural tendency toward resentment and jealousy when other people experience good fortune?


I think there is.  Instead of focusing on envying others, spend a lot of time focusing on all the good things you have.  Let your thoughts be occupied with all the blessings you have. Count your blessings.  Let your neighbors count theirs.  Then envy has no power over you.


Envy is a major-league waste of time and energy.  Develop contentment for all you have in your life.  Enjoy what you have.  


Then watch the power of envy in your life begin to dissipate…forever!