Here's a spiritual discipline that is in short supply today: simplicity.  Think for a moment how complex our lives are today, especially in comparison to our ancestors.  Yes, many technological innovations have helped our lives.  But they've made our lives more complex, too, haven't they?


I'm convinced that joy in life is connected to the simplicity of life.  We should all do ourselves a favor today and ponder how to make our lives as simple as possible.  By simplifying our lives, we improve our lives.


Slow down and ask yourselves these questions: "Do I really need that?  Can I eliminate some clutter?  Can I slow down some and take some time just to relax and be?  Can I reorder my life so that it flows in a way that doesn't cause so much stress?"


The most powerful life is the simplest life.  It knows where it's going.  It's uncluttered.  It's not in a hurry.  It takes time to relax and smell the roses.  It contemplates priorities, mostly relationships.


The simple life is the life most truly blessed.

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